Taranaki Singer Songwriters Sound Bite Sessions - Centre City

Taranaki Singer Songwriters Sound Bite Sessions

On the first Friday of every month, enjoy a side of tasty tunes and great sounds with your lunch at Centre City.

Sound Bite Sessions is a new live music partnership between Centre City and Taranaki Singer-Songwriters. Each 60-minute performance will celebrate shared stories and the unique essence that pulses through Taranaki from the voices and words of local singer-songwriters.

Sound Bite Sessions will offer an unparalleled opportunity to feast on both the soul and the senses, bringing the community together and building opportunities for original music in the local arts and entertainment scene.

The Sound Bite Sessions season will feature 13 local artists over seven scheduled performances from May to November. 

WHEN: First Friday of the Month,  12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 

WHERE: Entertainment Space, Level 2, above the Food court, Centre City.


Friday 3 May

Crystal Starr

Introducing Miss Crystal Starr, the enchanting embodiment of indie rock, easy listening, country-folk, and diva styles. Crystal Starr’s voice; a treasure refined through years of busking and vocal training, paints her original songs with a deep, smokey richness, effortlessly traversing from intimate folk ballads to powerful diva-like anthems.

With a guitar in hand and lyrics in her heart, she weaves a musical tapestry that resonates with the essence of her upbringing and the eclectic inspirations she’s encountered.


Welcome to the world of Rory’s musical, magical mind. Laid-back and heart-felt vocal melodies over spacious guitar, Rory sings about his life experiences through his original songs. A master of his instrument, Rory’s guitar work is undeniably impressive.

With each psychedelic-influenced composition ranging in tempo and feel from poetic and heart-tugging earworms to upbeat and funky numbers, Rory puts his entire soul into his playing and captures hearts wherever he travels.

Friday 7 June

Samuel Fawkner-Egli

Samuel is a local singer-songwriter inspired by the songs and culture of this land. A poet and skilled guitarist, his thoughtful and charismatic folk-rock songs are reminiscent of many great songwriters of the 60s and 70s, leaving audiences spellbound and feeling as if they’ve been transported back in time to Woodstock 66’.

“I’m always looking for songs that touch the heart, those are the ones I sing”. Samuel has performed throughout New Zealand since he was a teenager and now plays and records with local band Greenbathing.

Friday 5 July

Kayleb Duckett

Kayleb Duckett delivers captivating solo acoustic performances, blending classic melodies with catchy songwriting reminiscent of the golden age of guitar pop. Kayleb’s songwriting is both memorable and distinct, the kind of tunes that get stuck in your head and have you humming out loud for days.

With two solo albums under his belt and another with his band The Doublejumps, Kayleb’s music is a testament to authenticity and self-expression.


Ngāneko is a talented Māori musician, singer, and songwriter hailing from the proud heritage of Taranaki. With a deep connection to both tradition and innovation, Ngāneko seamlessly weaves together the rich tapestry of Māori culture with her musical expression. Her compositions resonate with echoes of history, offering poignant reflections on the journey of her people while celebrating the essence of being a wāhine Māori.

Raised on the marae and fluent in both Māori and English, Ngāneko draws inspiration from her ancestral lands of Taranaki, and her songs serve as a bridge between cultures, inviting listeners on a journey of discovery and understanding.

Ngāneko has released exclusively Māori songs on platforms like Spotify, contributing to the preservation and celebration of her cultural heritage and first language.


Friday 2 August

Dani Ela

Dani Ela, the versatile indie artist, is a captivating musician who effortlessly weaves a tapestry of musical genres through her songwriting, keyboard prowess, and soulful vocals. Drawing inspiration from many artists such as Eva Cassidy and Lennon Stella, Dani Ela’s music spans from the serene realms of chill-pop to the emotional depths of heart-tugging ballads, and the pulsating beats of various EDM genres, all while embracing elements of singer-songwriter styles.

Liana Hart

Singer-songwriter Liana Hart shares deeply personal sentiments by combining intricate vocal hooks and passionate, conversational lyrics, with finger-style guitar and delicate harmonica melodies. Liana’s songs are raw, reflective, and emotionally present, and her ability to convey deep emotion lyrically and vocally has earned the praise of Taranaki audiences.

With a background in musical theatre and strong country-folk roots, the songstress takes inspiration from greats such as Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks, and Jackson Browne and is appreciated for her soothing country voice and timeless tunes.

Friday 6 September

Marie Goldsworthy

Marie is a local musician whose style is an eclectic blend of soul and r&b, with a distinct and iconic smokey jazz vocal style. Influenced by singer/songwriters Nai Palm, Amy Winehouse & Erykah Badu, her voice dances around intricate, jazz-influenced chord progressions and poetic lyrics. Marie’s songwriting is soulful, unique and hypnotic, and her honey-like voice will leave you feeling both comforted and in a better mood than you were before you heard her.

Jaz Luray

Belonging to the vibrant coastal city of New Plymouth, Taranaki, Jaz Luray is a mysterious force in the music scene, seamlessly blending the soulful vibes of Dark RnB and Jazz with the raw energy of grunge. Luray’s “Velvet Voice” and ethereal live sound captivates his audience, while his emotional and controversial lyrics leave them on the edge of enchantment. His live performances are a mesmerizing experience, where he weaves together layers of sound in real-time, creating lush, sonic landscapes that transport listeners to another world. As Jaz Luray continues to evolve and push the boundaries of genre, one thing remains constant – his intense commitment to creating music that speaks to the soul.

Friday 4 October

Juliet McLean

Femme pioneer, songwriter, and dreamer Juliet McLean moves in an ever-changing, ever-expanding musical landscape. Inspired by jazz divas, country truth-tellers, and soul-funk groovers, her musical output is uniquely her own. She has worked alongside producer Ben King(Goldenhorse), collaborated with various Taranaki creatives, and released two EPs, a full-length album, and a number of singles.

Juliet is studying music full time in 2024, a journey she always dreamt of, and is loving every single moment.


Elijah is a local musician who loves to share both his own original music, and renditions of songs we all know and love. He plays a range of instruments – including the didgeridoo – and he loves to tell a tale or two if given the chance. Elijah’s here to have a great time by basking in the bliss that comes from none other but sharing music, and his soaring, heart-felt vocals and lyrics will get you in a feel-good mood – the kind of mood that’ll make you wanna let a friend know how much you cherish them.

Friday 1 November

Toni & Tim

Toni & Tim are a husband and wife acoustic duo – using music as a means of individual and joint transformation, they aim to give authentic and truthful expression to life’s challenges and joys. The down-to-earth duo are here to make you smile, and are sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Tim’s homegrown, folk-influenced guitar and vocal style combined with Toni’s soothingly sweet harmonies, this sunny couple will have you grinning for weeks.


Craig Jones

Craig Jones is the singer and main songwriter for indie band Twin Tiger. Surrounded by music all his life, the peak of his musical adventures was a solo violin performance standing on a box, to a full house at Inglewood High-school, at the mere age of four years old. The kind of performer that could fill out a stadium – his lively solo performance will take you on a journey through a tasteful variety of 80’s inspired songs that showcase his impressive vocal range.