3 Ways to Pay for Parking - Centre City

3 Ways to Pay for Parking

We're making it easier to park in the CBD.

Centre City has upgraded our car parking system to Licence Plate Recognition.

We’re removing tickets. Drive in, and you can…


24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!

3 Ways to Pay with our new system

Pay at a Paystation

Head to the nearest pay station, follow the machine’s instructions, including entering your licence plate number, and pay for parking.

Pay by Paywave

Drive slowly towards the exit, swipe your card at the exit arm once your payment has been gone through, the exit barrier will lift.

ParkNGo App

Download the ParkNGo, set up your account, and drive in and out anytime- the app will automatically take care of your payment each time you park in Centre City.

Download the PARKnGO app



PARKnGO enables you to use the Centre City car park without paying on-site or remembering your license plate number when you go to pay!
Drive in and out anytime; the app will automatically take care of your payment!

You can download the app on your mobile by searching “Primeparking PARKnGO” on the App Store or on Google Play.