Park - Centre City


Parking in the CBD. 

Make it easy at Centre City.

Centre City’s new ticketless entry carpark system will let you drive in, park, meet, shop and eat in and around Centre City and the CBD – No more parking tickets! 

You only need to remember your licence plate number!

Click on the boxes below to learn more about How our Parking System Works and 3 Way to Pay for your Parking.

Park at Centre City



You will find three entrances to the Centre City carpark.

These are located off St Aubyn St, Liardet Street and Ariki Street.


Casual Parking Charges – $0.50 per 20 minutes (or part thereof)


To enquire about leased parking options at Centre City, complete the form via the Prime Parking website HERE

Park in Centre City Carpark

24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

Licence Plate Recognition

Park at Centre City carpark using our new barrier arm Licence Plate Recognition system – no paper tickets anymore! Simply drive in, park and go shopping, go to lunch, or head straight to your meeting. 

Instructions for LPR

1. Drive in slowly and be prepared to stop at barriers. The gate will automatically open once it has captured your licence plate number.

2. Find your park. 

3. Take note of your licence plate number. Go and enjoy yourself in Centre City or the CBD.

4. On your return, pay for your parking at the payment kiosk. Enter your licence plate details and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your stay with us. You won’t get a receipt unless you request one. Alternatively, download our PARKnGO app for automatic payment.

5. Return to your car and exit the building. Remember to drive up slowly to the barrier arms on the way out, it will lift once it has captured your licence plate number.

Tips for use

The LPR system works exceptionally well, with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Unfortunately, that does mean from time to time it may misread licence plates. These tips will help ensure you are not the unlucky one!

– Turn off your headlights when approaching the barrier

– Slow down before approaching the barrier arm

– Leave space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front

– Keep your licence plates clean


  • You can enter and exit the carpark using your credit card or VISA / Mastercard Debit Card. PayWave is accepted.
  • No parking ticket will be issued when you enter the carpark if you are using a credit card or debit card.
  • As you enter the carpark, insert or PayWave your card. Use that same card when you exit to make your payment.
  • Please note Eftpos cards are not accepted for payment at the entry/exit to the carpark.


The physical address of Centre City Shopping Centre is 11 Gill Street, New Plymouth. There are three pedestrian entrances to the Centre – two on Gill Street and one on St Aubyn Street.