Tell us a bit about your store:

Many centre regulars may recognise me as the manager from Barkers, but I’ve made the switch to manage Platypus. After 10 years at Barkers, I chose to follow my passion for footwear and when this opportunity presented itself, it was too good to pass up. I loved my time at Barkers and Centre City has been my community for 10 years. The people I have met have been amazing so I’m glad I can say to my regular customers who I now consider friends, that I’ve just moved downstairs. At Platypus I manage 8 staff members and all of us have a passion for shoes and it’s hard not to when you get to work with cool brands like the classic Dr Martens or Converse.

Where did your career start?

It feels like I have come full circle with taking up this job. My very first job was working as a machine operator, making shoes funnily enough for a company called Foot Lab Pacific Ltd. I think this is where my passion for footwear started, being able to understand what goes into a shoe from start to finish gives me a unique understanding of what most people probably don’t even think about.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have two teen boys so love spending time with them and getting out and about exploring this beautiful region. Our favourite thing to do is climb Paritutu, it’s great for fitness. I also spend my spare time renovating my home, I am currently planning the outdoor area which will hopefully be done by the time the Summer weather shows up!

What’s the most popular item in store right now?

Dr Martens are always a popular choice. They become part of an individual’s personal style and on a practical level are not only comfortable once worn in but also durable. My personal favourites are the Dr Martens 1460 Smooth in Cherry Red.

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