Tell us a bit about your store:

I’m a Senior ICT Technician and Kavinda works alongside me as a Sales Assistant and Trainee Technician. We are a 100% New Zealand based and operated company and have been a part of Centre City since 2007. Omnitech offers a range of services, including mobile phone and laptop repairs, network unlocking, software solutions and a range of devices and accessories. Our products are very high quality and our repairs are done by highly qualified technicians. Customers can feel confident of our service with a 1-year warranty on all accessories and repairs. Kavinda and I both enjoy getting to help solve technical issues and especially helping educate customers that may not be tech-savvy. Seeing a customer walk away with a better knowledge of something and a smile on their face is why we love working here.

How did you start working at Omnitech?

Working for Omnitech was my first job and I’ve now been with the company for five years. I first started at a branch in Auckland and moved to New Plymouth last year. I decided it was time to get out of the hustle and bustle in Auckland and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in New Plymouth. I started off working part-time at Omnitech when I was studying network engineering. After graduating I moved into a fulltime role. I’ve gained valuable experience with the company that I couldn’t have gained anywhere else.

What is the most unusual request you have had from a customer?

The most memorable was a teenager who came into the store with his grandma to see if I could unlock his phone. His Mum had changed the pin code to stop him from spending so much time on it and wouldn’t tell him what it was. He had managed to convince his grandma to bring him in and try his luck unlocking it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love everything tech. I enjoy learning about new technologies and emerging digital trends. I’m a vlogger and video content creator and that keeps me busy when I’m not working.

What’s the most popular item in store right now?

Our Life Proof covers have always been a customer favourite. Everyone has had that awful moment of dropping their phone and just hoping it survives. Life Proof covers are 3 metre drop-tested and come with a 1- year warranty. They protect your phone from dust and scratches but are also waterproof and even snow proof! We’re also seeing an increase in requests for Privacy Proof Screen Protectors. Not only do they protect your screen from scratches, it also prevents people around you seeing information on your phone. They are especially popular for people using their mobile phones for business purposes and wanting to protect confidential information.

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